Training Videos

Training Videos

“Visual learning is one of the best ways to remember and retrieve important information”

Yut Film & Video has been creating training videos and instructional video productions for corporate businesses for over twenty years. With a team of industry professionals, including script writers, actors, and animators, we use the latest professional technology and techniques.


We produce a wide range of video styles, including step-by-step ‘do it yourself’ instructional video productions, role-playing videos with skilled actors, and large scale industrial health & safety videos.


We’ve worked with some of Australia’s biggest companies, including ExxonMobil and Woodside, producing health and safety videos over many years. Health and safety is of crucial importance in many industries, including oil & gas, and can be the difference between life and death.  Yut Film & Video's health and safety instructional videos have been one of the key delivery mechanisms for communicating these important corporate safety messages to staff. See more of our videos on our Portfolio page or visit our Vimeo channel.

We also create: corporate videos, web videos, promotional videos, event videos, film & drama videos.